One Integration to Rule Them All

Metaform Data Fabric provides healthcare organizations a virtualized source of truth that seamlessly unifies disparate healthcare information sources.


Connect Anything, Anywhere

Silos be gone! The Metaform Data Fabric connects a myriad of healthcare information sources, regardless of where they live or how they’re structured.

Native Data Connectors

From on-premise to the cloud, connecting new healthcare information sources is as easy as filling out a form.


Schema Discovery, On the Fly

While traditional approaches to integration require healthcare organizations to prepare data for use, the rising volume of data and rapid evolution of schemas threaten to make this exercise ever more challenging and impractical. Metaform Data Fabric unifies and simplifies this process with on-the-fly schema discovery, using the power of SQL to automate data transformation and achieve at-source analytics.


Wish your data was all in one place? With a comprehensive solution that supports agile data usage, Metaform Data Fabric uses an open standard interface that unifies healthcare data and hides unnecessary complexity.

Visualize Trends

Platform can expand your business analytics to healthcare information sources beyond those captured in an existing data warehouse - all in a single, virtualized view.

Build a Data Firewall

Providing reverse proxy access to data, centralized access control, and a reduction in physical copies of protected health information, the platform can significantly minimize your risk.

Push Anywhere

By allowing new healthcare data sources to be integrated with existing IT environments, the platform can even help healthcare organizations adopt cloud computing. 

Metaform Beta Software Program

We are looking for healthcare organizations to help us test Metaform Data Fabric.

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