We believe in a new era where every healthcare organization explores, discovers, and analyzes its data in a single place.

So that's what we built.

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Our data fabric unifies disparate healthcare information sources across the continuum of care.

Metaform Data Fabric platform is a new asset in modern IT architecture that enables healthcare organizations to achieve Zero Day Analytics®. As a vendor-agnostic and storage-agnostic metadata engine, our software solution helps healthcare organizations overcome the inefficiency of traditional data integration and analytical architectures. By leveraging metadata to form a virtualized source of truth, Metaform Data Fabric uniquely abstracts the logical view of data from physical storage through data virtualization. Our approach allows data to be leveraged anywhere on the most appropriate resources that meet evolving organizational needs. The platform's high-performance architecture gives healthcare organizations the ability to access data in parallel across multiple storage systems, while policy-based management intelligently ensures proper utilization of patient health information.

Metaform Data Fabric helps healthcare organizations overcome analytical bottlenecks, integrate with the cloud for cost savings, and quickly adopt new data resources from any vendor. It can reduce over 80% of the effort to integrate structured and semi-structured disparate health information sources across the entire continuum of care.

Metaform is led by Jeff Gunther, former Chief Technology Officer of Premier (NASDAQ: PINC). Headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, Metaform is actively exploring worldwide partnerships. If you'd like to discuss a specific opportunity, please contact us.

Metaform was born in Charlottesville, Virginia

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